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Bearing Witness to Trump Week 2

Week of January 29 – February 4, 2017 February 4 A NYT story reveals that autocrats all around the world have celebrated the election of Trump, making them feel more mainstream secure in their own behavior. Do we really risk the new administration becoming… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Week 2”

Bearing Witness to Trump Week 1

Week of January 21 – 28, 2017 What a week to bear witness from the heartland of America! Yet, just like during the election I am surprised that there is not more outrage from the Christian heartland of so many good people. Do most… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Week 1”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 7

January 28, 2017 Not to miss an opportunity to suppress lawful voting and peaceful assemblage as guaranteed by the Constitution, Republican legislators in several states have proposed harsher felonies for protesters who disrupt business as usual, such as blocking a street that is used… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 7”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 6

January 26, 2017 Trump starts a twitter war of words with Mexico then insults and threatens their President, who promptly cancels his state visit to the US. ¬†Hooray for diplomacy! Let’s see how many fights we can pick with everyone around the world. And… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 6”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 5

January 25, 2017 Another day of executive orders. We must have only one branch of government working. One of them had to do with building the Trump wall on our southern border which is estimated to cost $10B. I worry it will be to… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 5”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 4

January 25, 2017 The day starts with Trump having more meetings with business CEOs. It must surely be clear by now that we have had a business takeover of public government. Do we not understand that it was free market unfettered unregulated capitalism that… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 4”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 3

January 23, 2017 How telling that President Trump’s first meeting of his first work day was not with representatives from the public but with a dozen-plus CEOs. Not surprising, since his cabinet is full of billionaires professing to understand the needs of working or… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 3”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 2

January 22, 2017 Trump adviser and pundit Kellyanne Conway says that “alternative facts” are to explain the discrepancies between the crowd count claimed for the inauguration and the protest marches the next day. ¬†She follows this Orwellian Newspeak by announcing that Trump will not… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 2”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 1

January 21, 2017 I have not felt this sense of hope in months. Hundreds of thousands of Americans turn out from coast to coast to protest the mean-spirited dystopian vision of America that Trump has cast upon us as his dark shadow. It’s like… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 1”

Bearing Witness to Trump Day 0

January 20, 2017 Instead of an inauguration speech that brought a divided country together under hope with humility, we have a new President that once again used fear of “carnage” to project his over-sized ego on that of our country. Meaning that it’s always… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Day 0”