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Observatory: Coronavirus Pandemic Causes and Lessons

When public policy experts, historians and future generations look back on what happened during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic and Global Recession, how will they judge why it happened across our planet to a species like our own? And especially why it was so devastating… Continue Reading “Observatory: Coronavirus Pandemic Causes and Lessons”

Observatory: Census and the Electoral College

Many voters on both sides of the political spectrum feel completely disenfranchised. Conservatives in solidly-blue states and liberals in forever-red states believe their votes don’t matter in the winner-take-all Electoral College accounting used by nearly all states. Independents and third-parties are completely locked out.

The Observatory 2020

Coming soon, a collection of observations, reactions, and analysis to the events and news of 2020.

The Observatory 2019

Capitalocracy – It seems we don’t have a democracy in America any longer with one person one vote; it’s become more of a “capitalocracy” with one dollar one vote. Having more lobbyists for just Big Pharma in Washington than we have  representatives in Congress… Continue Reading “The Observatory 2019”