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Is Inflation Here to Stay?

Many people with good reason worry that inflation may be here to stay, as if we have moved into a new economy that is untethered from the behavioral norms, history, and rules of previous decades. There are many contributing factors to consider. For years,… Continue Reading “Is Inflation Here to Stay?”

Witnessing an Artificial Economy

I am one of many older adults who feels like we are now living in an unreal, artificial economy. It especially feels so when compared to the economy many of us grew up in, got educated in, worked in, and had hoped to retire… Continue Reading “Witnessing an Artificial Economy”

Americans Across the Heartland are Exhausted and Dejected

Americans across the heartland, on both ends of the political spectrum, are exhausted and feeling dejected for good reason. In our public lives we have or are living through one big life-altering crisis after another: the turmoil and divisiveness of the Trump presidency, the… Continue Reading “Americans Across the Heartland are Exhausted and Dejected”

How Purple Missouri Became Republican Red

Historically, Missouri was known as a political bellwether and perennial swing state always in play between Democrats and Republicans. For a hundred years the state’s electoral votes for President always mirrored that of the national winner with only one exception. Not surprising, the state… Continue Reading “How Purple Missouri Became Republican Red”

Don’t talk politics doesn’t work!

Over the past few years we have been instructed that the secret to maintaining important relationships in such turbulent times is to just don’t talk politics with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Only if it was this simple! Have those who offered this advice… Continue Reading “Don’t talk politics doesn’t work!”

Bearing Witness to Good News April 2021

The best news of the month if not year is that the country as a whole continues to recover from the chaos, bitterness, and trauma of the Trump administration. It’s like we are all suffering PTSD – Post Trump Stress Syndrome – but did… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Good News April 2021”

Sorry State of the Missouri State Legislature

Year after year during each new state legislative session the welfare and intelligence of Missouri residents is assaulted by a multitude of offensive bills. When I think they could not do worse than the last session, they surprise me once again. The list of… Continue Reading “Sorry State of the Missouri State Legislature”

Bearing Witness to Good News March 2021

As the month begins the US is now averaging 2 million vaccinations per day. Over 50 million people have received at least one shot and more than 82 million shots have been administered. The Biden administration put sanctions on Russian officials and a dozen… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Good News March 2021”

Our Nation is Mentally Ill with Guns

I just finished watching the PBS News Hour where they once again profiled the deceased victims from the latest mass shooting. This time it was ten shot dead in a Boulder, Colorado grocery store. My eyes tear up as I learn about the lives… Continue Reading “Our Nation is Mentally Ill with Guns”

Bearing Witness to Good News February 2021

It’s hard to beat the refreshingly different, good news from last month that started coming from Washington DC¬† but there is still plenty much to be thankful for this month. New COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to the devastating third wave are quickly… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Good News February 2021”