Month: August 2021

Bearing Witness to Climate Change August 2021

During the month NOAA issued its 31st State of the Climate report for the year 2020 that draws on the work of over 500 scientists from over 50 countries. It confirmed previous findings that CO2 in the atmosphere reached an all-time high of over… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change August 2021”

Bearing Witness to the Pandemic July 2021

As the month begins, the global death count from COVID passes the 4 million mark. Many think that number, already tragic, is far lower than the actual count.  The highest death rates are currently in the Southern Hemisphere. Some 3.3 billion doses of various… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to the Pandemic July 2021”

Bearing Witness to Climate Change July 2021

The previous month of June 2021 had now been deemed to be the hottest June on record for the United States. Numerous all-time records for any month and date were set at several locations. Temperatures were 4.2 degrees F above their 20th century average.… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change July 2021”