Month: May 2021

Don’t talk politics doesn’t work!

Over the past few years we have been instructed that the secret to maintaining important relationships in such turbulent times is to just don’t talk politics with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Only if it was this simple! Have those who offered this advice… Continue Reading “Don’t talk politics doesn’t work!”

Bearing Witness to Good News April 2021

The best news of the month if not year is that the country as a whole continues to recover from the chaos, bitterness, and trauma of the Trump administration. It’s like we are all suffering PTSD – Post Trump Stress Syndrome – but did… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Good News April 2021”

Bearing Witness to the Pandemic April 2021

April 1- 10, 2021 The month begins with 30.5 million cases and 550,000 deaths in the US. The average daily death rate is still hovering around 500 from over 65,000 new cases each day. This is still too high but a huge improvement from… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to the Pandemic April 2021”

Bearing Witness to Climate Change April 2021

At the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, CO2 levels have for the first time exceeded 420 parts per million. When carbon was first measured in the atmosphere in the 1950s it was 100 ppm lower, at 315. It is now higher than any time… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change April 2021”