Month: April 2021

Sorry State of the Missouri State Legislature

Year after year during each new state legislative session the welfare and intelligence of Missouri residents is assaulted by a multitude of offensive bills. When I think they could not do worse than the last session, they surprise me once again. The list of… Continue Reading “Sorry State of the Missouri State Legislature”

Bearing Witness to the Pandemic March 2021

Week of March 1- 6, 2021 As the month begins the US is averaging 2 million vaccines per day. Over 50 million people have now¬† received at least one shot. More than 80 million shots have been administered with 25 million people having received… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to the Pandemic March 2021”

Bearing Witness to Climate Change March 2021

For the first time, last year the EU generated more electricity from renewables than from fossil fuels. The numbers from the US were not as good, although improving, where we rely on oil, gas, and coal for over 80% of our power with renewables… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change March 2021”