Month: February 2021

Bearing Witness to Climate Change February 2021

University researchers report that the percentage of Americans who are very worried about Climate Change has doubled to around 26%. That’s good news – actually it should be much higher – if that concern creates the urgency to make change in our economies and… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change February 2021”

Bearing Witness to Good News January 2021

With Trump finally out of office and the Democrats in control of both chambers in Congress, good things and good news are happening at a breathtaking pace. That is, when you are brave enough to look for and see the light – as Poet… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Good News January 2021”

Bearing Witness to the Pandemic January 2021

Week of January 3-9, 2021 As if this week was not already tragic enough after an insurrection incited by the President and a coup attempted by his rabid supporters, three  records were set this week. More than 4,000 Americans died in one day, 300,000… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to the Pandemic January 2021”