Month: July 2019

Bearing Witness to Trump Month 30

Week of July 1 – 6, 2019 At the G-20 meeting in Japan, Trump continued to adore other undemocratic authoritarian autocrats around the globe. He claimed that the Saudi Prince was a friend who has done a spectacular job, Russia’s Putin was a terrific… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Month 30”

Bearing Witness to Climate Change July 2019

As the new month begin,¬†Alaska experiences record heat with temperatures climbing to 90 degrees in Anchorage. Because of the risk of wildfires, fireworks are being prohibited for the July 4th holiday.¬† This all is to be expected with climate change where the far north… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Climate Change July 2019”

Bearing Witness to Trump Month 29

Week of May 26 – June 1, 2019 While on a state visit in Japan Trump continues to attack his opponents back home which is behavior of a sitting president that was very rare until now. His targets included Joe Biden, the Democratic Party,… Continue Reading “Bearing Witness to Trump Month 29”