Bearing Witness to Trump Week 27

Week 27: July 23 – 29

I am exhausted. Week after week we experience more White House chaos and Congressional conflict and more mean tweets and lies. We have barely survived six months of an administration laying waste to deliberative government and any resemblance to a kind, great, nation.

Jared Kushner in testimony claims that he was not colluding with the Russians, just an innocent in politics who should be given a break given how busy he is in business.

The White House is embroiled in conflict between the staff that, after forcing Sean Spicer out last week, Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. The new communications chief Anthony Scaramucci has spent days tearing into Priebus, using profanity and obscenities, and of course Trump claims he wanted to see them fight more. Like all strong-arm despots you keep everyone fighting against themselves so they are not threatening you. Scaramucci threatens a purge and to fire the whole staff if the leaks don’t stop.

In a speech Trump once again refers to “his Generals” not America’s Generals. Not surprising he appoints a General as his chief of staff, John Kelly. Ah yes, surround yourself by the military. That’s what the head of a democracy does. And then blame the press, threaten to jail his opponents, intimidate and bully everyone, and show no loyalty to anyone except himself and family.

As the norms of governing collapse around us, news writers talk about the fine line between democracy and autocracy then anarchy. Meanwhile the stock market is at an all time high and consumers keep spending. Most must just think of this as a reality TV show with no real consequences to the everyday lives of Americans…..until it is too late.

The Senate can’t repeal, replace, or much less improve health care for Americans. John McCain, coming back from the benefits of having excellent insurance despite many preexisting conditions,  gives a hero’s speech on the floor, which falls upon ears deafen by the sound of battle.

The House votes to erase an Obama era rule which allowed consumers an out of the requirement to use arbitration and thus waiving our constitutional rights to due process in courts. I admire the chutzpah of Republicans to send Americans off to die in wars supposedly to protect our constitutional freedoms, then kill our rights back home.

Trump continues to claim he has the power to pardon anyone. Anyone!

Trump speaks to the Boy Scouts in a political speech blaming the free press, Hillary, Obama, fake news, illegal voting, and others for attacking him. He cusses and talks about being wealthy and how important loyalty is. The BSA is so embarrassed they have to issue an apology for the President’s behavior. Ah yes, just Trump must be thinking Hitler had a Nazi Youth Corp, why not him.

Trump tells his generals not to accept transgender troops in the armed forces, yet he does it not in a call with his charges but with instead over social media. During this same week the Justice Dept. claims that gay workers are not covered by some civil rights laws. That’s making  America great again, isn’t it! Not.

Trump continues to tweet shame and slam AG Jeff Sessions so viciously that even some Republicans have had enough.

The House passes a budget bill including $1.6B for Trump’s folly of a border wall. Don’t they realize that this is going to keep us in from escaping Trumplandia instead of keeping others out?

Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, who claims to be a Teddy Roosevelt type of guy, is busy touring the country and recommending that protections of America’s parks and national monuments be rolled back. And of course to open them up for extractive industries to exploit with mining and oil exploration.

Two Trump nominees support lifting reforming restriction on big banks enacted by the Obama administration. Yes, the same big banks that drove the nation into the great recession feel like they just don’t need to be regulated anymore.

Americans begin preparing for the total eclipse on Aug. 21. Only a few are aware of the Hebrew tradition that the darkening of the sun are markers of cataclysmic political events with spiritual consequences.

The above news items have been taken from a number of international, national, regional, and local news media sources, both print and digital. Additional editorial opinions and comments about these news items are those of this author.


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