Bearing Witness to Trump Week 1

Week of January 21 – 28, 2017

What a week to bear witness from the heartland of America! Yet, just like during the election I am surprised that there is not more outrage from the Christian heartland of so many good people. Do most Americans think of our current political culture as just a crazy reality TV show that does not impact our lives in the real world or the standing of our country? Or do most of my fellow citizens remain so uninformed, misinformed, apathetic, overworked, worn out, over-medicated, or disenfranchised that we just see it all unfolding without concern?

Perhaps a look back at the Week 1 of the Trump Presidency through a current events quiz is in order.

  1. Which country’s leadership told their press corps they were dishonest human beings who are the opposition and that they should just shut up? (a) North Korea, (b) Russia, (c) Iran, or (d) United States
  2. Who has issued the most executive orders and actions of any new presidency during his first week? (a) Obama, (b) Obama, (c) Obama, or (d) Trump
  3. Which wealthy oil-producing country was not included in the new immigration ban even though their citizens have killed more Americans in terrorist acts than any other nation? (a) Iraq (b) Iran (c) Syria or (d) Saudi Arabia
  4. In beginning the repeal of the ACA, the Trump administration promised every citizen would have what as a replacement? (a) health care, (b) access to health care, (c) access to health care insurance, (d) access to health care savings accounts, or (e) a book on DIY healthcare.
  5. Did more people march in Washington the day after the inauguration than actually attended the inauguration? (a) yes, (b) no, (c) it depends on which alternative set of facts you use.
  6. What new battles or wars has Trump fueled this week? (a) a war with the press, (b) a trade war with Asia, (c) a border spat with Mexico, (d) a war on Medicaid, (e) a war on the facts, (f)  tension over new Israeli settlement camps in Palestine, (g) a war on public education, (h) on women’s reproductive rights, (i) on climate change research, (j) competition between NYC and DC on where the first family and presidential power will reside, or (k) all of the above.
  7. Which feared leader said torture works and may be justified? (a) el Baghadi of ISIS, (b) Putin of Russia (c) al-Assad of Syria (d) Hussain of Pakistan or (e) Trump of the US.
  8. What dystopian classic books are once again hot sellers? (a) Lord of the Flies, (b) Animal Farm, (c) The Mouse that Roared, (d) 1984 (e) It Can’t Happen Here (f) Brave New World or (g) all of the above.


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