Bearing Witness to Trump Day 5

January 25, 2017

Another day of executive orders. We must have only one branch of government working.

One of them had to do with building the Trump wall on our southern border which is estimated to cost $10B. I worry it will be to keep us in more than to keep others out. It seems that making Mexico pay for it as we build it may not really be what Trump meant in countless campaign speeches. That’s ok, we can take it out of Medicare and Medicaid for the poor they must think. Those accounts will actually be worse without migrant laborers whose paychecks include social security and employment taxes, but of course they are never here to collect or too scared to come out of the shadows.

It reminds me of the Texas con. They love having so many illegal immigrants in their state for counting them all towards the number of House seats, electoral college votes, and federal funding, but they just don’t want to give them any rights including the right to vote.

Trump says that torture works and that black site prisons around the world may be reactivated. Yes, that is the way to show the world who has the moral leadership.

Another executive order has to do with refugees from Syria are being banned under the new immigration reforms. Oh, I forgot, most mass shootings and acts of terrorism in America are by other Americans with guaranteed access to guns but not guarantee of mental health care. That also demonstrates we are certainly a great Christian nation following in Jesus’ footsteps, doesn’t it?

The Trump administration double downs saying there will be a huge investigation in voter fraud. Yes, that is the problem we have in the country. Too many people voting. We sure don’t need an investigation into the Russian hacking of our election or colluding with the Trump campaign.

In just the first week of the new administration we hear the first threat to use federal troops inside the U.S., this case in Chicago. If California fails to disband sanctuary cities, will we see another threatened use?

The above news items have been taken from a number of international, national, regional, and local news media sources, both print and digital. Additional editorial opinions and comments about these news items are those of this author.


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